What is a cookie?


A cookie is a small file, consisting of portions of code, that a website sends to the browser and saves on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used to make the website work or to improve its performance, but also to provide information to website owners and assist the Data Controller in providing the service according to the described purposes.

The user's consent may be required for some of the purposes for installing cookies.

Depending on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, analytical cookies, profiling cookies, third-party cookies.


Technical and aggregated statistical cookies

Technical cookies do not require the user's consent. These cookies are essential to allow you to browse a website and use all its functions. Without these cookies, which are absolutely necessary, a website may not provide certain services or functions and navigation would not be as smooth and easy as it should be. A cookie of this type is also used to store the user's decision about the use of cookies on the website.

Performance cookies, sometimes also called analytical cookies, belong to this category too. These are cookies that collect information on how users use websites. This information allows to improve the website functioning. For example, performance cookies show which pages are most frequently visited, allow to monitor recurring patterns of use of the website, help understand any difficulties users may have when using the website and show the effectiveness of the advertising published on the site.


Technical cookies are essential and can not be disabled using the features of this website, therefore the deactivation of these cookies could create malfunctions and prevent the user from viewing the website.

In general, cookies can be completely disabled in your browser at any time.


Activities required for operation

This application uses cookies to save the user's session and to carry out other activities that are strictly necessary for it to work properly, for example those related to the distribution of traffic.


 Activities for saving preferences, optimisation and statistics

This application uses cookies to save your browsing preferences and optimize the experience of the user navigation. These cookies include those for setting languages and currencies and for helping the website's Data Controller manage statistics.


Other types of cookies or tools that may be used by third parties

Some of the services listed below may not require the user's consent or may be managed directly by the Data Controller – as described hereunder – without the help of third parties.

If any third party-operated services are among the instruments listed below, these may be used to track users' browsing habits – in addition to what is specified here and without the Data Controller's knowledge. For more detailed information, please consult the privacy policies of the services listed.


This website uses technical cookies, aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the website.


This website also uses third-party cookies.


The cookies used by this website and how to disable them

This website also uses the following third-party cookies:

  • Some web pages may include video contents from YouTube. By visiting a page containing a YouTube video or clicking to view the video, cookies from YouTube could be called up.  We do not own these cookies. To find out more, please consult the Google information page.
  • Some pages may include interactive maps from Google Maps. We do not own the cookies used by Google Maps. To find out more, please consult the Google information page.


How can cookies be disabled?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) are configured to accept cookies. However, most browsers allow you to control and even disable the cookies using your browser settings. We remind you, however, that disabling technical cookies may prevent the website from functioning correctly and/or limit the services offered by this site.

For other browsers refer to their technical documentation.


This website does not use profiling cookies.


Update of 24th May 2018