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Our company has been operating successfully since 1979. During these years, we have supported our growth, through a very simple philosophy: to search for customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we continuously update the machinery inventory and we realize research and product innovation, in order to provide high-performance and exclusive products. We know how to organize services, that respond to felt emerging or long-standing needs, however unresolved: in this way we put customers at the centre of our activities and, with this philosophy, we have obtained the necessary feedback for a constant international growth.

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The organization is the premise for a rigorous and timely execution: for this reason we dedicate a lot of attention to the production planning, realized by latest generation machines, able to ensure the absolute and timely executive quality. Carefulness verification checks, offer us the guarantee of the production made. Well-finished or special packaging, made on customer requests, ensure us the safe delivery of preserved products.

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The warehouse of standard components consists of a structure of about 1,000 meters, which is served by a large loading and unloading service area. This allows the facilitation of handling the entire production, consisting of 1600 items, fully available in stock. Thanks to an excellent organization, shipments are prepared within 24 hours from the receipt of the order, without the limit of minimum quantities.

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