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Can you supply technical information for the turning-machining of the tubes (rods) for a perfect assembly of your heads?

Yes we can. The classic processing that is normally carried out on the rods is to be considered adequate. However, if necessary, we have indications to optimize the workings and to facilitate the assembly of our heads.


Can you supply the exact dimensions of the position where the gaskets are housed?

Our components can be supplied with unmounted seals, but they can be shipped together with the components.
The dimensions of the positions are sent on request, if you wish to use your gaskets.


I have to make some prototype pistons and, for this, I would need several components in very small quantities. Do you have minimum purchase quantities?

We have no minimum sale quantities and we believe that this policy is contrary to meeting customer needs.


If requested, what gaskets are supplied with the components?

We can supply all gaskets that are mounted in our components. The gaskets are of Guarnitec brand.


Can we receive the drawings of your components?

The drawings are available in Step - STL - 3D format.


Is it possible to receive the 3.1 certificates of material together with the components?

Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to express this request when ordering.


I'm thinking to produce some pistons with your cushioning system. Are available technical information for the machining of tubes and rods (tolerances)?

Yes, we provide all information for customers to optimize the assembly of the system and to enhance its operation.


Do you produce completed cylinders?

For a business choice we don't produce completed cylinders because, towards a constructor who is our customer, we would be suppliers and at the same time competitors.


What is the origin of the raw materials used for the production of your components?

For the production of our components, we exclusively use raw materials from European countries, supplied by companies that we have carefully selected.
After evaluating your price list of standard components, I would like to know the shipping times of the goods.
All our standard components are available in stock. We organize the shipping of the quantities required within 24 hours from the receipt of the order, and without minimum quantitative.
Until today, I have used the components of another Italian manufacturer. Are your components interchangeable with other brands?
Our standard production can substitute products realized by several Italian producers. For any evaluations, the drawings and the dimensional tables are available. Knowing the supplier brand, we can supply you precise answers, eliminating your analysis times and any doubts.


In your catalogue is represented a piston called “self-locking”. Can I receive information and understand what advantages it offers?

Very frequently, the piston is joined to the rod by a thread connection. In these cases, for effect of the stresses and vibrations the piston can loosen and unscrew, causing irreparable damage to the cylinder. To prevent the piston unscrewing, the cylinder manufacturers have adopted different solutions. The most frequent are the following: use of a plug; application of a "thread-locker" glue; inserting a grain, placed in various positions.
The solutions described above have the following critical issues: they are added processes, which increase working times and increase production costs; make the removal of the piston difficult and prolonged during maintenance; they do not allow the re-use of the piston, after the removal of the same.
The self-locking piston, patented by our company, is characterized by a collar made of nylon and inserted at the end of the thread. During the assembly of the piston, the thread of the stem goes through the thickness of the nylon, tracing self-braking furrows, which block any possibility of rotation of the piston. This self-locking system: avoids the possibility of unscrewing the piston and guarantees the tightening of the same; eliminates added features and drastically reduces assembly times; facilitates disassembly during maintenance; allows the re-use of the piston, after the removal of the same; safeguards the integrity of the rod; does not alter the size and shape of the piston.


Keys are presented in conjunction with the self-locking piston. What is their function?

The function of the keys is to facilitate the screwing of the self-locking piston. The clamping forces are indicated in the relative tables, shown in the catalogue.