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Self-locking piston

Due to the dynamic stresses and vibrations, the piston that slides inside the cylinder can loosen and then unscrew, causing irreparable damage to the cylinder. Until today, to avoid this serious inconvenience, the cylinder manufacturers have adopted different solutions: additional processes that increase the work times, the production costs and the complication of maintenance.

Our self-locking piston, patented in 2013, is characterized by a collar made of nylon and inserted at the end of the thread, which it is necessary to connect the stem with the piston. During the assembly, the thread of the stem goes through the thickness of the nylon, tracing self-braking furrows, which block any possibility of rotation of the piston. In this way the possibility of unscrewing is avoided, the added machining operations are eliminated, the assembly times are reduced, the absolute ease of disassembly is guaranteed and the spaces are not altered. Furthermore, the nylon applied, allows to use the same piston for 9-10 times. For these reasons, offering certainly technical advantages, reducing widely times of disassembly and having a moderate price, our piston is undoubtedly very convenient.